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CornDog Apps

About CornDog Apps

CornDog Apps is dedicated to developing exceptional, creative, fun and challenging apps that excite and enthrall players of all ages. CornDog Apps was founded by Harris Korn, and is based in Richmond Hill (just north of Toronto) in Canada.

The CornDog Apps Team:


Harris Korn – Founder and
Chief Concept Guy

Harris is the Founder and President of CornDog Apps. Harris dreamt up “Left Lane Looey” on one of many highway drives during which he yelled at other cars and shook his fist... kinda like Looey does. In addition to coming up with ideas for more apps, Harris takes care of CornDog App’s Marketing, Finance, Project Management and badgering of the rest of the Team.

Stan Olthuis – Creative Producer

Stan brings his creative genius and his connections with exceptional artists and illustrators to the CornDog Apps Team. Stan lives in a constant state of creativity with occasional bouts of intense pragmatism and painfully detailed planning.

Bryce Hallett – Lead Character Creator
and Illustrator

Bryce’s exceptional and unique drawing style made him the obvious choice to design and illustrate Looey and all the other wonderfully bizarre characters in Left Lane Looey.

Vladamir Morgoslepov– Lead Programmer

Vlad’s amazing mix of a focus on detail and creative coding (yes, there is such a thing) make him an integral part of the CornDog Apps Team.

Bruce Simpson – Lead Animator

Bruce brings his exceptional creativity and enthusiasm to the CornDog Apps Team. His awesome animation sequences in Left Lane Looey crack everyone on the Team up (in a good way ☺).

Matthew Reid – Original Music
and Sound Designer

Matt’s whacked-out musical “stylings” bring a lot of added fun and all-around goofiness to Left Lane Looey. We’re thrilled to have Matt on the CornDog Apps Team.

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